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Why should you work with us?

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A career path that is highly supervised and consists of completing specific tasks, mostly internal, with clear and attainable deadlines will be the slowest in terms of progress, but will also be the least stressful. A career path tied to the client’s demands will afford a person the opportunity for a faster progress and more valuable market experience, so that the person can be sheltered by a supervising structure.

A career path that consists of securing and developing accounts is the one with the highest chance reaching a top position and a top salary in a time that would be otherwise impossible, but it depends fully on one’s drive and ability to sell. Deadlines in this path require long hours of work to meet the market’s demands; there is outstanding pressure and practically no safety net, as the person needs to be highly autonomous to follow this path.

The rewards are immense in this path, because so are the chances of failing.

Choosing One’s Path

  • The first of three career path is the Internal Services path. This path includes but is not limited to clerical workers and administrative personnel. It is also the path for programmers, testers, recruiters and other positions which provide support to what we call internal clients, i.e. other members or departments of the company.

    There is usually a buffer between what one does and what the client sees. Deadlines are set in advance and the days tend to have a predictable number of hours.

  • The second path is the Client Services path. This is the path most commonly associated to consulting, as it is a path that deals with the client directly and is often dependent on the client’s schedule and objectives. This means the work is as demanding as the client, and this can mean a level of demand internal services usually does not require. On the other hand, experience in this path is more valuable for professional development and can lead to better opportunities.

  • The last path is the Intrapreneur path. This is the path we are proudest to offer at BeeckerCo. Our company was founded on the principles of entrepreneurship, and we wish to foster this spirit while acknowledging –as we have mentioned in a previous chapter– that not everyone has the capital to invest on a start-up and the chance to abandon their job in order to do so, as they may need to sustain a family and maintain job security. An intrapreneur has an idea for a product or service the company can offer and is given the opportunity to develop the idea within the company, with BeeckerCo’s resources at their disposal if the idea is deemed viable by the committee that is in charge of evaluating new ventures.

    It is not enough for a person wishing to follow this path to confabulate about how great it would be to implement such and such: the person should be capable of formulating a business plan, contact clients to sell the idea, engage in negotiations, follow the many steps necessary to become a provider for a new client (or a new area or department of an existing client), manage teams to implement the projects and sales that may result from the idea and last but not least maintain the client and continue to generate revenue, being able calculate and to report on those revenues.

    The transition will be easier from such a position, because most of the skills necessary will have been learned. Nevertheless, every person in the company can be given this opportunity. This is the true intrapreneurial spirit.


Attracting the best talent is essential for the success of this company. The mix of consultants is realized between local and foreign senior professionals; and a team of analists recruited from high level local universities. Our acceptance rate in Consulting is less than 1% of the applicants.

C2 - Director

C1 - Manager

B2 - Senior Consultant

B1 - Consultant

A4 - Senior Analyst

A3 - Analyst

A2 - Senior Assistant

A1 - Assistant