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We are BeeckerCo!

BeeckerCo delivers regional top quality software products and related consulting.

BeeckerCo is a body of people supported by assets, each and every one of us committed to improving the public’s quality of life through access to credit. We intend to see everyone gain access to a home and a better quality of life.

In order to achieve this, we have chosen to work only with AAA companies who share our vision of the business and corporate social responsibility.

We deliver world-class top quality services that tangibly improve the clients’ productivity, so that they can turn that increased productivity into best practices that can improve the financial market at large.

Everyone who works with us is offered courses in both technical and soft-skills areas to help them grow professionally and gain the skills that will enable them to provide better services to our clients. We honor those who collaborate with us by striving to have a better work environment than the market average.

We invest all our profit in order to grow faster and have the capital necessary to recruit the best talent in the market, which we believe can be found everywhere and their potential unlocked through training.

We believe there are many ways of advancing in the business world, and we have chosen not to depend on government funding or donations but sustain ourselves. We do our part and expect everyone else to do theirs.

Profit is the result of hard work, and the way we do business attracts people who share our values, whose work in turn makes us stronger in the market.

Meet Our Team

Our Team is conformed by more tan 100 collaborators, between engineers and Project managers.

Our company is certified by the Great Place To Work Organization

Board of Directors


Fernando Leibowich

President & Chief Executive Officer


Avril González García

Independent Advisor


Alejo Roze

Director of the Board

Executive Team


Fernando Leibowich

CEO & Regional Manager USA


Gustavo Giacometto

Regional Manager Latin America South (LAS)


Carlos Anzola

Regional Manager Middle Americas (MAZ)


Sarac Almendarez Cruz

Special Client Account Lead